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Truck Loading, Telescopic Conveyors Truck Loading/Telescopic Conveyors
Truck Loading/Telescopic Conveyors

We are one of the most reputed manufacturers of Telescopic Container Loading Conveyors.

Using Felicon conveyors to load and unload enables operators to provide a continuous flow of goods into or out of the truck. It enables operators to work at a constant and continuous rate.  The nominal rate realised by a Felicon telescopic conveyor users is around 20 cartons per minute.

Economically stuff trailers and containers as manpower requirement will be very less and low level
   of faitgue for workers
Improve your turnaround times, as loading will be fast, trucks will be stationed for less time, fewer
   loading stations will be required for same load
Prevent any damage to the goods as handling will be systematic.
Reduce risk of workplace injury
Improve forklift utilisation
Increase safety and efficiency in and around the loading dock area
Maximise your shipping capacity

This does away with the general practice of carrying individual Cartons into 40’ or 20’ container and then the workmen having to return for back and carry the next carton.

The use of the Felicon telescopic conveyor in the loading and unloading process also eliminates the need to operate a forklift within the confined space of the truck, trailer and container reducing the risk of crushing related injuries. In fact It is estimated that up to one-third of all work cover claims are associated with freight handling.

Felicon Telescopic Conveyors are extremely versatile and are dedicated for high-volume loading and unloading of rigid trucks, trailers and containers in a diverse range of industries including:

Logistics Operations
Warehousing Operations
Express Freight Terminals
Distribution Centres

The unique and versatile design of Felicon enables organisations to rapidly move various products including Cartons, boxes, sacks, air bags, tyres, parcels and other loose items. No matter what size rigid truck, trailer or container you are loading or unloading, Felicon have the expertise and the equipment to help you

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